Stroke and Aphasia Recovery (STAR) Program

Affiliate Highlight: Stroke and Aphasia Recovery (STAR) Program

We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Stroke and Aphasia Recovery (STAR) Program in Lubbock, Texas.

What Makes the Stroke and Aphasia Recovery (STAR) Program Unique?

We are a community outreach program affiliated with a health sciences center. Our program is funded through donations and an endowment. At this time, we do not charge members a fee for joining.

Great Success Stories

We love watching people meet and connect with others who have experienced something similar and wish to participate in life again.

Services and Support Groups

At this time, we have weekly small group meetings (10 groups total, including a caregivers network) from September through May of each year. Group members set their own life participation goals and support each other in working to achieve those goals. During the month of June, we have a 2-week day summer arts program that involves choir, theater, and/or art classes.

Special Services for Caregivers

We also have a caregivers network that meets weekly from September through May of each year.

Last Thoughts

We have recently added small groups for right hemisphere stroke survivors as well as persons with Primary Progressive Aphasia.

Stroke and Aphasia Recovery (STAR) Program

More Information

Do you live in the Lubbock, Texas area? Contact the Stroke and Aphasia Recovery (STAR) Program for speech services and support groups.

We’re spending 2018 highlighting our affiliates in order to make it easier for caregivers to find services for their loved ones. Are you an affiliate of the NAA and would like to be highlighted in a future installment? Please fill out the form and we’ll contact you.



  • Anonymous
    February 28, 2018 at 7:50 am

    I had a Stroke and left for 4 and a half days. This had aphasia and I cannot permanently live with my dog, Tam. I loved your group and get the message from you on e-mail. Unfortunately, I lived in Scotland in Lochgilphead and loved to join you. Good luck and every happiness to you.

    Jacki Stewart

  • Anonymous
    March 3, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    I have had a stroke and APHASIA for 5 years. I have made some improvement in my speech but there is a long way to go. I look constantly for methods to improve my speech on the internet and elsewhere. I would be honored to join your group, however, I live in Bristol UK and find the travel too much. Is it possible to relay your thoughts by email?

  • Marlene director
    February 18, 2019 at 10:55 am

    My son, now 44, had a stroke at 42. He was almost entirely speech affected. He has aphasia, apraxia and dysarthria(mouth muscle numbing). He is very bright but, of course, cannot pursue his previous job as a lawyer. He had a right-brained stroke but still was speech affected. Are there similar New Jersey apraxia-aphasia groups?

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