Word of Mouth

Affiliate Highlight: Word of Mouth

We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Word of Mouth in New York, New York.

What Makes Word of Mouth Unique?

I provide each client with a personalized care packet containing individual strategies and exercises as well as helpful information for the family and caregivers.

Great Success Stories

One of my favorite success stories involves a 68-year-old female diagnosed with Primary Progressive Aphasia. Her husband and sons were very concerned that they would never have a conversation with their wife/mother again. There was little communication, and the client felt isolated and discouraged.

I created a communication book filled with functional phrases, utilized phonemic cues and incorporated her husband and sons into her therapy. With consistent therapy and everyone working together, the client was soon able to enjoy going out to dinner with her family, who reported back to me that she even ordered herself a glass of wine!

Word of Mouth

They Love What They Do

I am a “people” person, and I most enjoy that I can enter and help improve people’s lives. Also, I love giving people hope by helping them regain their ability to communicate. Moveover, I strive to empower the people I work with.

Services and Support Groups

I offer speech therapy for adults who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury and cognitive impairments. I am in the process of creating a support group for caregivers. The therapy I offer is highly personalized and compassionate and includes family members as well as caregivers.

Special Services for Caregivers

I believe that supportive caregivers have a tremendous impact on a client’s progress. Therefore, I work very closely with caregivers and family to promote the best outcome for my clients.

Word of Mouth

More Information

Do you live in the New York, New York area? Contact the Word of Mouth for speech services and support groups.

We’re spending 2018 highlighting our affiliates in order to make it easier for caregivers to find services for their loved ones. Are you an affiliate of the NAA and would like to be highlighted in a future installment? Please fill out the form and we’ll contact you.



  • Soroush J
    June 21, 2018 at 8:15 am

    Have you found any good improvements about PPA recently (I have PPA problem)? If so, I would be very happy to meet your representative in the Bay Area, Ca

  • Alexander Maclorn
    June 21, 2018 at 5:43 pm

    Hi you people, I just love your stuff. I am in Fife Scotland UK , 76 years of age. And as far as I can figure it out, over many years, I have had Aphasia. But no professional will say so, and won’t even see me. I think they try to define me as approaching dementia. But no way I say, and as your information lays it out, I have a good intellect, very good, and I gauge that on the fact that I attend many ‘academic seminars at nearby – St Andrews University – and can take in all I can hear (my hearing is a problematic nightmare) and understand it. But to try and discuss or debate such things, or socialise is near impossible, as I am always clutching for that word, that I can see, but struggle to spit out – or just pull out the nearest compatible word – that is pushing to get out. And it even brings me to tears trying to communicate with my young great grand son – and keep away from mobile phones. In these parts its easy for strangers to think I am ‘wandered’, dotey. In many ways it can be funny, but it isn’t. And I only post this as I just do not know what to do, but ‘just hang in there’ – ‘nuthin else fir it! Och Aye! And from what I have read in NAA I am very, very lucky compared 2 some! So-so, maybe some of you with much experience of this Aphasia, could tell me if I sound like I fit into Aphasia!

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