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How to Turn e-Books into Audio Books

Audio books are a necessity for many people with aphasia, but audio books are also expensive to produce. In many cases, audio counterparts are not made for print books until months after publication release, and in some cases, not at all. Luckily, there are apps out there that can turn any word-based document — including […]

Treat Street Therapy Aphasia Group

Meet Treat Street Therapy Aphasia Group, located in San Francisco’s Mission District. The group meets once a month on Saturday mornings (10 am to 11:30 am) and is home to the 50 Word Challenge. Keep reading to learn more from Maureen McKeown, MA CCC-SLP about this unique aphasia program. Services Provided at Treat Street I […]

Love Stroke: Becoming a Caregiver

A stroke changed Kelly Marsh’s life, but it also changed her husband, Brad Marsh’s, identity. He went from thinking of himself as a spouse to thinking of himself as a caregiver while his wife was in the hospital. Their new book, Love Stroke, tells their story from two points-of-view: patient and caretaker. Today we’ll talk […]

Go on a Text Adventure

When I was in elementary school, my father brought home a text-based video game and said, “Play this.” The game was Zork, one of the earliest text adventures, and he bought it because I was a terrible speller. Because text adventures require the player to read a small paragraph of information and then type out […]

Love Stroke: Looking for Hope

It is natural to look for hope when you’re in a fraught situation. Your mother has a stroke and you scan the world for signs from the universe that she will be okay. Or a spouse sustains a head injury and you start superstitiously avoiding walking under ladders on the off-chance that old wives’ tale […]

Teenager Raises Thousands for Primary Progressive Aphasia Research

When Jessica Shapiro thinks about her great-uncle Bobby, she doesn’t focus on his Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA), which robbed him of his ability to communicate. She thinks about his boat. “He loved his boat. He would take me out on the water and would teach me how to drive the boat. One piece of advice […]

Ring Theory and Aphasia

While we talked earlier in the week about empathy and sympathy, we didn’t pinpoint where that good energy would come from. People with aphasia and caregivers need empathy and compassion, though they’ll get it from different places. People should look outwardly, rather than inwardly, for compassion. Leaning on people outside the experience is part of […]

Empathy, Sympathy, and Aphasia

My daughter recently asked me the difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy involves feeling sadness for someone else’s situation and meeting them with care and concern. Empathy, on the other hand, is about putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. When you imagine how someone else feels, you treat them the way you would want […]

Still Sophie, a Movie About Aphasia

When Sophie Salveson was 19-years-old, her life was filled with friends, family, musical theater, and travel. At 24, her life still orbits around loved ones and the stage, though with one notable difference: aphasia. A stroke at 19 changed the trajectory of Sophie’s life. The short movie Still Sophie highlights how this communication disorder affects […]

Talking to Kids About Aphasia

It’s understandable for kids to be confused by aphasia because aphasia is also difficult for adults to understand. How do you convey that the person is still the same on the inside though they may have trouble epxressing themselves verbally on the outside? We’ve pulled together some ideas to get this conversation started. Just the […]