Talk About Aphasia

Aphasia Snapshot Results: Talking to Others About Aphasia

Every four years, the NAA polls the general population to learn what they know about aphasia. The most recent survey occurred in 2020.

Some of those questions were woven into this current Snapshot of the aphasia community examining how we talk about aphasia with other people. What facts do people with aphasia wish other people knew about aphasia? How often do you have to explain aphasia to a stranger? And how much did YOU know about aphasia before it impacted your life?

Due to the length of the Snapshot, we’re only going to call out some points to notice as you read, and then we’ll direct you to the 6-page Snapshot results, which you can read online or download as a PDF.


86.7% answered “No, they tell me they’ve never heard of it” when asked, “Do you find most people have HEARD of aphasia once you explain what it is?”

First Results

Only 46.7% understand what aphasia is once a person explains it.

Second Results

And 75% of people with aphasia had never heard of aphasia until it impacted their life.

Third Results

Want to dive into the results? We’ve made the results available as a downloadable PDF in case you want to discuss the answers offline. You can also read them on the web by following that link.

46 people participated in this last Snapshot. Were you one of them?

We take a new community snapshot each month. The next set of Snapshot questions will go up next week.


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