Aphasia Snapshot Results: Do You Know Other People With Aphasia?

What a difference a year makes. We asked the same set of questions in March 2021 and April 2022. Within one year,

  • 7.12% more people knew someone else with aphasia
  • 10.4% more people thought it was very important to know someone else with aphasia
  • 27.9% more people knew someone with the same type of aphasia

We think this could be due to the efforts we have made at the NAA in the last year to set up more online groups including a PPA-only chat and interest-based groups. You can find all of our groups, including our monthly Aphasia Cafe chat, on our online events page. If you cannot find a NAA group that fits with your schedule, you can also search our online events with other aphasia organizations page.

We know connection matters. We have survey results that support this belief.

Due to the length of the Snapshot, we are only going to call out some points to notice as you read, and then we will direct you to the 8-page Snapshot results, which you can read online or download as a PDF. It contains both the 2022 results and the 2021 results for comparison.


55.6% (vs. 51.9% back in 2021) knew other people with aphasia.

Knowing other people with aphasia

75% thought it was “very important” (vs. 67.9% back in 2021) to know other people with aphasia.

How important is it to know other people with aphasia

Want to dive into the results? We have made the results available as a downloadable PDF in case you want to discuss the answers offline. You can also read them on the web by following that link.

73 people participated in this Snapshot. Were you one of them?


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