Aphasia and the Workplace

Aphasia Snapshot Results: Aphasia and the Workplace

This current Snapshot looks at how aphasia impacts your job or ability to work. We wanted to know how aphasia impacts your experience in the workplace. Are you still able to work? What would help you be a successful employee?

Due to the length of the Snapshot, we’re only going to call out some points to notice as you read, and then we’ll direct you to the 7-page Snapshot results, which you can read online or download as a PDF.


We asked how you would describe your employment status at the time of your aphasia diagnosis. 47.5% were working full-time, 22.5% were not employed (stay-at-home parent, homemaker, student, or volunteer), another 22.5% were retired, and 7.5% were working part-time.

employment at diagnosis

When we asked how much aphasia impacts your ability to work (1 is not at all, and 5 is that you can no longer do your old job), everyone felt aphasia impacted their ability somewhat. 22% rated the impact at a 2, 26.8% rated it at a 3, 19.5% rated it at a 4, and 31.7% rated it at a 5.

aphasia affects work

Want to dive into the results? We’ve made the results available as a downloadable PDF in case you want to discuss the answers offline. You can also read them on the web by following that link.

41 people participated in this last Snapshot. Were you one of them?

We take a new community snapshot each month. The next set of Snapshot questions are currently open until November 5, 2021.


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