Snapshot - Relationship Changes

Aphasia Snapshot Results: Aphasia and Relationships

These Snapshot results may be difficult to read, but they are honest. Aphasia can change relationships. We asked questions about your relationships — partners or spouses, family members, or friends — both before and after aphasia. The results are, sadly, not surprising. We know that aphasia changes relationships, and it can be isolating.

Inside these hard answers are also happy moments: relationships that have grown closer together.

Due to the length of the Snapshot, we’re only going to call out some points to notice as you read, and then we’ll direct you to the 7-page Snapshot results, which you can read online or download as a PDF.


84.4% believe their relationships have gotten worse while only 6.7% thought their relationships got better after aphasia.

relationships changed

71.1% thought aphasia had a negative impact on their relationships, while 8.9% thought aphasia brought them closer together with their friends and family.

positive or negative impact

Want to dive into the results? We’ve made the results available as a downloadable PDF in case you want to discuss the answers offline. You can also read them on the web by following that link.

46 people participated in this last Snapshot. Were you one of them?


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