Why choose Madison Speech Therapy for you or your loved one?
Madison Speech Therapy is the only skilled outpatient speech language pathology service providing therapy in the comfort of a client’s home. We are focused on your unique needs, preferences, and goals. Clients have the opportunity to work on their goals in their own environment which leads to better and faster outcomes and higher satisfaction.

We specialize!
Our therapist specializes in treating the chronic and often lifelong challenges associated with brain injury including cognitive, communication, and swallowing difficulty. Speech Language Pathologists who specialize in treating brain injury and associated conditions are called Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS). Brain injuries can be caused by stroke, brain bleeding, and loss of oxygen to the brain in addition to falls and blunt force trauma. Madison Speech Therapy is proud to offer expertise to brain injury for survivors in the greater Madison area.

Who do we treat?
Madison Speech Therapy is an adult focused private practice specializing in neurological rehabilitation for individuals recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury, and living with progressive conditions including Parkinson’s Disease. We provide skilled services for swallowing, speech, language, and cognition.


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