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How Do We Meet? The Answer is Telepractice!

The term telepractice is defined as using technology to deliver speech-language evaluations and treatment. You may also hear telepractice referred to as “telemedicine”, “teletherapy”, and “online speech therapy”. All that is needed to participate in online speech therapy is a computer or tablet and an internet connection. At Connected Speech Pathology, we use a completely private and secure video conferencing platform, which is free and easy to download. No special hardware or software is required. We will see each other on the screen (like Skype or FaceTime). The materials used for speech and language therapy are scanned in or web-based and at the click of a button, shared electronically with you right on your computer screen.

The First Meeting

Speech-language evaluations include a review of the individual’s educational and medical history, clinical observation, interviews with parents and caregivers. Goals are at the center of speech language treatment. During this first meeting we will create a clear goal-plan to guide the direction of therapy. At Connected Speech Pathology we believe that goals should be client-centered and created in collaboration with the person with aphasia and their friends, family and caregivers.


At Connected Speech Pathology, our speech language pathologists are highly experienced in helping individuals specifically with aphasia. Our philosophy is that aphasia therapy should be client-centered. Goals will be highly individualized resulting in improved communication in real-life situations. In other words, treatment goals will be set to create meaningful outcomes that achieve real life improvement.

Licensed in FL, MD, KS, and NY. 

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