Atlas Aphasia Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable, intensive, aphasia therapy – at any point in aphasia recovery.

We see clients immediately following a stroke or brain injury, and we also see clients years after aphasia onset. We believe that communication is a basic human right, and all individuals with aphasia can continue to improve with high-quality speech therapy services.

Aphasia therapy is $30/hour, available up to 5 days per week (depending on client needs). Treatment is based on the Life Participation Approach, and focuses on expressive language, auditory comprehension, reading, and writing. Treatment is guided by current research and based on the principles of neurobiological recovery.

We’re currently providing speech therapy services via tele-therapy only, but the silver lining is that this opens up services to people throughout the state of Washington! It’s also helpful for high-risk populations that are avoiding in-person treatment right now due to Covid.


  • Seattle - but teletherapy is available throughout the state of Washington!
  • 206-567-1168
  • info@atlasaphasia.org
  • www.atlasaphasia.org

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