Susanne Lockford, MA  CCC-SLP

I specialize in conversational coaching for people with aphasia and their caregivers,  focusing on spoken and written keywords, body language, hand drawings, gestures, answering yes/no questions and multiple choice questions to assist in communicating.

I will effectively evaluate:  (a) the conversational competence of the caregiver and the person with aphasia and  (b) the possible use of a communication device, which is Medicare-reimbursable.

Additionally, tools like mobile device applications, speech-generating devices  (  and online speech therapy tools  (  can help your loved one strengthen his or her communication skills and regain confidence.  These tools can also help your loved one find meaningful and helpful ways to share his or her wants and needs, as well as personal  and safety information.

My services are provided in the comfort of the client’s home or at one’s retirement facility in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area.

With collabrative family support, we can improve communication with a positive patient outcome.


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