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Aphasia Programs

Rehab Without Walls

We offer an evidence-based, person-centered, meaningful approach to meet our patient’s communication and life goals. We work with our patients, their families, and their support teams to help them re-learn the skills needed to succeed in daily life.

Our strategies include, but are not limited to:


  • Swallowing
  • Communication treatment
  • Social communication strategies
  • Task training
  • Strategy training
  • Drills and practice training
  • Learning strategies to help problem-solving, reasoning, and organizational skills

Our Speech Therapist have the skills to assist our patients and their support teams to improve their quality of life, increase their independence, improve their self-esteem and to better communicate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.


MedRhythms: Neurologic Music Therapy

MedRhythms is a comprehensive neuro-rehab company that provides neurologic music therapy specializing in the use of music to induce brain plasticity and aid in neuro-recovery. MedRhythms has conducted nearly 20,000 hours of direct patient care through in-home care and contracting with facilities in the Northeast. The company built the program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, the #3 Rehabilitation Hospital in the U.S. and Harvard Medical School affiliate, in Boston. This program is now the most comprehensive program of its kind in the country. 

COVID-19 has made its impact on the world, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that people still need access to care. MedRhythms has built our teletherapy services in an effort to reach all of those dealing with the impacts of their conditions from home.  

We have become a NAA affiliate because of the great success we having in using neurologic music therapy with clients who have aphasia.  If you or a loved one have aphasia and haven’t tried neurologic music therapy, we encourage you to contact us! We are here to help! 




I Ally: the free app providing resources to Millennial Caregivers

I Ally, Inc. Logo


What is I Ally?

After her father suffered a debilitating stroke, Founder Lucinda Koza became his sole caregiver at age 32. Suffering from isolation and a lack of resources and advocacy, Lucinda decided to create an app for other young caregivers, so that she could help stop others from having to go through what she experienced. I Ally connects its users with easy access to Telehealth, a database of providers for both the caregiver and patient (including speech therapists and speech language pathologists), administrative advocacy through a partnership with Backpack Health, financial & legal counsel, and unparalleled peer support. One of Lucinda’s biggest passions is advocating for caregivers to practice speech therapy at home if their parent has aphasia. In order to do this, Lucinda seeks to provide as much in-home practice as possible and educate young caregivers about significant their role is. See more on our website here.

Sign up for the I Ally Web App!

If you would like to be a provider or are interested in helping I Ally have a bigger impact, contact Lucinda Koza at

Speech Language Voice & Swallowing

Who we are:

SLVS Therapy is a privately owned company located in Houston, TX founded by Emily Roll, M.S., CCC-SLP.  SLVS  Therapy provides local speech therapy services in the Houston area for adults with aphasia. Emily has 6+ years experience working with pediatric and adult clients. Emily graduated with her B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2014 from The University of Texas at Austin. Emily received her M.S. from New York University. Emily has experience working in outpatient clinics, home heath, schools, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals. 

Emily specializes in treating adults with aphasia using evidenced-based treatments. Emily provides speech therapy in the comfort of your home  or online (telepractice/telethrapy). SLVS therapy encourages family involvement, as communication involves the speaker and the listener.

Emily is certified in the McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program.

Emily treats the following disorders: dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), language disorders, dysarthria (slurred speech), apraxia (difficulty starting speech), and cognitive-linguistic impairment (problems with memory, attention, problem solving, and reasoning). Common diagnoses include: stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), dementia (Alzheimer’s), brain tumors, head and neck cancer, and others.

SLVS therapy provides local speech therapy services in the Houston, TX area. SLVS is currently private pay only, but we can provide a superbill for clients who seek reimbursement from their insurance. Please contact us for more information.


What you can expect:

– Person-centered care

– Personalized treatment plans and goals

– No travel time


Contact SLVS therapy:

Phone: (832) 378-8165




U-M Aphasia Program: Intensive and Individualized Aphasia Therapy

The University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP) helps people with aphasia find their voice again. We do this through intensive, individualized, and innovative speech language therapy. The U-M Aphasia Program has been focusing on treating the person and not the disorder for more than 80 years. As the first aphasia-specific program in the U.S., the U-M Aphasia Program pioneered the intensive model. We have spent decades exploring and applying science-based approaches for helping people with aphasia recover communication skills.

Life Participation Approach to Aphasia Treatment

We take a Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA) treatment, which focuses on developing and strengthening skills to build independence. We take a collaborative approach where the person with aphasia, their family, and the speech-language pathologists (SLP) are a team, working toward accomplishing life goals. Our clinicians develop a work plan to boost confidence, skills and quality of life through individualized plans for each client and their care partners.

What Makes U-M Aphasia Program Different?

In addition to our long tradition to providing care for people with aphasia (check out this video from the 1950s!), we also embrace new and innovative techniques. Another mark of our program is the intensity – our basic approach includes 25 therapy hours a week, with the option to add or go down from there, depending on the individual. A core part of our approach is to include and educate care partners; we offer a care partner education curriculum, group meetings, access to therapy sessions, social connections specifically for care partners and families, and more.

Does the Intensive, Individual Approach for Aphasia Therapy Work?

The growing body of research on intensive aphasia therapy programs shows intensity is key in helping people with aphasia build communication skills and independence, depending on type of aphasia and other variables. In our own clients, we have seen the difference intensive therapy can make. To learn more, see Aphasia Program Client Outcomes.

Contact the U-M Aphasia Program

If you are interested in learning more about our program, the intensive approach, what we can do for you, speaking with a former or current client, or just learning more about aphasia therapy in general, please contact us:
(734) 764-8440

Voices of Hope for Aphasia, Inc

Voices of Hope for Aphasia reconnects people in the Tampa Bay area, living with aphasia, with their lives through innovative programs. Our programs:

  • rebuild self-esteem through successful experiences,
  • improve the communication accessibility of the community,
  • foster communication in groups,
  • provide training and tools to improve relationships with family and friends,
  • and educate the public about aphasia.

We are a place where the voices of people living with aphasia are acknowledged. We work to provide the communication bridges that will help people with aphasia do the things that are most important to them, and take part in their own life.

Our 5 Programs are:

  • Living with Aphasia – weekly group activities that encourage participation and support communication
  • “I have aphasia – Now what?” Workshop – a two-day workshop for the whole family to learn about aphasia and gain skills in supported communication to use at home.
  • Family & Friends of Aphasia – Support Groups and social outings because we are all affected and need support
  • STARS Technology Program – providing hands-on training and support in the use of technology
  • Max Adventures – Outings provide new and exciting activities for those with aphasia to get out and explore in a supportive and aphasia-friendly environment.

Call us at 727.249.1953 for more information or visit our website to see all our programs and a calendar of upcoming events.

Nevada State College- Speech-Language Pathology Clinic

Located in Henderson, Nevada, we are a new graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology. Graduate clinicians, guided by expert speech-language pathology faculty can provide individual sessions and group therapy, as per availability of space. Several of our faculty have extensive experience with diagnosis and rehabilitation for Persons with Aphasia.  As of Fall of 2020, a group program for writing and keyboarding will be initiated. As of Fall of 2021, we will be opening a facility clinic at the new Christensen Education Building on campus. Please contact Angel Ball, Ph.D. CCC-SLP Program Director if you have questions.

BE CONNECTED  office 702-992-2535   |

BE HERE  1300 Nevada State Drive  | DA 135 |  Henderson, NV 89002

BE INFORMED  Visit for campus news and program information.

BE SOCIAL  @NevadaState |


Communication Connection

Kathryn’s career as speech-language pathologist (1969 to 2019) was primarily in the area of home health care. My focus is to enhance the quality of life of those experiencing communication and cognitive deficits. It began with creating a series of Therapy Guides for Stroke Rehabilitation in 1977. Many more products have since been created and I like to share my blogs, articles, webinars, podcasts, etc with caregivers, families and professionals.. As a national motivational speaker, I offer programs for support groups, caregivers, families, social workers, nurses, therapists, nursing home administrators and activity professionals to increase awareness of the role of a speech-language pathologist as an essential part of the team. More recently my focus has been on Brain Health/Memory Fitness programs for individuals who want yo focus on cognitive health and successful aging. In addition I have created an extensive series of Brain Teaser products available at a variety of levels with sample pages at

” The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust

Infinite Speech Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation, LLC.

We provide adult speech-language pathology services in the comfort of your home. Providing speech therapy in the home allows for convenience as well as allows for the client to rehabilitate in their natural environment. With both personal and professional experience, we understand how to work with my clients to ensure that they receive the best care possible. Our thoughtful and personalized approach means that we are fully committed to the health and well-being of all clients. We strongly believe in and support patient autonomy and utilize it every step along the path to rehabilitation.

  • Licensed by the Florida State Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

  • Holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence  (CCC) from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association

  • Certified in LSVT LOUD (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment), a voice program designed for individuals with Parkinson’s disease with applications in other neurological diseases 

  • Certified in electrical stimulation for dysphagia (swallowing disorders) -FDA-cleared Ampcare Effective Swallowing Protocol (ESP™).

We currently service Central Palm Beach county and surrounding areas.

Specializing in:

  • Swallow difficulty (dysphagia)
  • cognitive-communication disorders
  • voice disorders
  • speech disorders
  • expressive/receptive language disorders


Contact Information:

Owner: Chanel Morris-Stephens, M.A., CCC-SLP

Phone (561) 463-8299

Fax (561) 200-2451

Lake Worth, FL 33463

Mollie E. Webb Speech and Hearing Center-LSUHSC Shreveport

Mollie E. Webb is the Communication Disorders graduate program at Louisiana State University Health Science Center in Shreveport. MEW teaches graduate level classes in Aphasia and related disorders, evaluates, treats and provides a weekly Aphasia Group.