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Vassalo Speech and Language

Speech Therapy for Aphasia


Tiffany Vassalo is a licensed speech-language pathologist who is passionate about helping adults make progress in their communicative goals. She is licensed to treat clients virtually in California and Washington. She has experience working with adults in both clinic and hospital settings, where she has treated a wide range of diagnoses, including aphasia after a stroke, dementia, and voice disorders secondary to Parkinson’s Disease.

Tiffany’s grandma had aphasia when she was younger, and she has first-hand experience on the challenges families face when confronting this disorder. She looks forward to helping families communicate better to improve the overall quality of life of the individual with aphasia and their caregivers.

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Aphasia Center of California

The Aphasia Center of California provides high quality services that enhance communication skills, quality of life, and overall well-being for those affected by aphasia.

The Aphasia Center of California opened its doors in 1996, and was the first independent nonprofit organization in the nation dedicated to providing direct services to persons with aphasia. Today, our cutting-edge treatment programs offer a “lifeline” for participating individuals, their families, and caregivers—creating a community of people that support and understand one another—while providing stories of hope and success.

The Aphasia Center of California’s website:



Aphasia Nation, Inc.

The purpose of Aphasia Nation is to educate the wider public about aphasia and particularly the healthcare and hospital communities. About 25-40% of people with stroke acquire aphasia yet few in the public are aware about aphasia and the link to stroke.

Beyond aphasia awareness, educating the public about neuroplasticity, the foundation of all learning, is the next step. Stroke survivors and people with aphasia have learned about plasticity the hard way. The rest of the population need to learn about it too.  Learning a new skill, mastering algebra or relearning one’s language after a stroke all possess the same experience-dependent neuroplasticity.

People with aphasia (PWA) are taking the lead! Why not? No one can do what millions of PWAs have done!  We have learned that an injured brain is still powerful enough to rewire our brain and regain our language, severity notwithstanding. Please join us!


Voices of Hope for Aphasia, Inc

Voices of Hope for Aphasia reconnects people living with aphasia in the Tampa Bay area with their lives through innovative programs. Our programs:

  • enhance quality of life through successful experiences,
  • improve the communication accessibility of the community,
  • foster communication in groups,
  • provide training and tools to improve relationships with family and friends,
  • promote collaboration and growth of the aphasia community, and
  • educate the public about aphasia.

We are a place where the voices of people living with aphasia are acknowledged. We work to provide the communication bridges that will help people with aphasia do the things that are most important to them, and take part in their own life.

Our 6 Programs are:

  • Living with Aphasia – weekly group activities that encourage participation and support communication
  • “I have aphasia – Now what?” Workshop – a two-day workshop for the whole family to learn about aphasia and gain skills in supported communication to use at home.
  • Family & Friends of Aphasia – Support Groups and social outings because we are all affected and need support
  • STARS Technology Program – providing hands-on training and support in the use of technology
  • Max Adventures – Outings provide new and exciting activities for those with aphasia to get out and explore in a supportive and aphasia-friendly environment.
  • Aphasia Gives Back – a network of volunteering opportunities in our community for our members. Members can volunteer in groups or individually.

Meeting locations in St. Petersburg, Dunedin, and Tampa, FL.

Call us at 727.249.1953 for more information or visit our website to see all our programs and a calendar of upcoming events.

St Charles Outpatient Rehabilitation

St Charles Outpatient Rehabilitation offers speech-language pathology services to adults with cognition, communication and swallowing disorders in Central Oregon. This includes aphasia assessment and treatment after a stroke or brain injury.

Jamie Swartz is a speech-language pathologist in Bend, OR offering evidence-based and patient-centered language assessment and treatment for those experiencing acute or chronic aphasia, including Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA). Access to Lingraphica high-tech augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) also available.

All Access Speech Therapy

All Access Speech Therapy is a personalized Speech-Language Pathology Telepractice offering individualized speech, language and cognitive therapies to persons with aphasia in the states of New York and Florida.


For additional information, please contact:

Ann Blau, MS, CCC-SLP

(347) 378-7161

[email protected]


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Aphasia Communication Enhancement (ACE) Program

Provides services and community  for people with aphasia and their families. Individual and group treatment with the Life Participation framework. University Program.  Aphasia and PPA services.

Speech Therapy Tacoma

MadeQuest Outpatient NeuroPsychological Intervention & Speech Language Services

Schedule a free consultation at (404) 919-BOOK Contact us today.

Dr. Tomika Chappell, Psy.D., CCC-SLP, CBIS is a Licensed and Certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Neuropsychologist, and Brain Injury Specialist with going on two decades of experience training and working across settings including Level I Trauma Centers, intensive care units (ICU), major medical centers, acute care, Neonatal intensive care units (NICU), long term care, psychiatric hospitals, home health, and educational settings. With her strong specialty in neurology, Dr. Chappell works with your brain’s neuroplasticity to generate new neural pathways and abilities.

iTalk Speech & Language Center