The Legacy of Lewis Yale Faber

Lewis Yale Faber | July 24, 2014

Before aphasia brought on by a stroke, Lewis was a gregarious, strong-minded and generous husband and father. He was a business owner who gave back to the community by raising funds for Project Sunshine, a children’s charity. Lewis struggled after his aphasia to maintain and even deepen his friendships. For the most part, he succeeded. But it goes without saying that communication was never the same. I know that he had his down moments, but his courage, his humor and his insistence that he remain part of the world and not give in to his limitations was truly inspiring. I miss him every day.

Honoring His Legacy

Please consider making a donation to the National Aphasia Association in Lewis’s honor, or share thoughtful remarks in the comments.

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One Comment

  • Bernard Berlin
    November 19, 2020 at 9:29 pm

    My name is Bernard Berlin. If this is the Lew Faber that I was friends with in Brooklyn back in the 1960’s please know that I am sad to hear of his death. We were at one time close personal friends. Although our friendship eventually ended he has always remained in my mind as a friend I once knew. It saddens me to learn that he has died.

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