I Have Aphasia

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Aphasia is challenging, isolating, and frustrating. Here you can find information to help you better understand aphasia, typical treatments, and assistive technology options. You are not alone: over one million people in the U.S. have aphasia.

News and Updates

Group Conversations

Tips and Tricks for Navigating Group Conversations

Group conversations can be difficult. Competing voices, quickly-moving speech, long stories, and …

Caregiver or Care Partner

Caregiver or Care Partner?

Last Friday was National Caregivers Day, which always falls on the third …

COVID-19 research

COVID-19’s Impact on People with Aphasia

The mid-January issue of the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing had …

March 12 Chat

Aphasia Cafe: Primary Progressive Aphasia Chat

Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) differs from other forms of aphasia, which is …

Richard, Audrey, Sebastian

Aphasia Threads: Richard, Audrey, and Sebastian

Welcome to the Aphasia Threads Project, which usually weaves together three points-of-view: …

Ellen Corby

Writing Aphasia Into a Television Show

Ellen Corby died in 1999, but she is remembered as Grandma Walton …

Goals for Aphasia

Setting Goals for Improving Aphasia

Our last Aphasia Cafe chat covered resolutions for 2021, and it was …

February 24 Aphasia Cafe

Aphasia Cafe: Tricks and Tips for Talking in Groups

Talking in a group can be difficult even if you don’t have …

Brain Research

Primary Progressive Aphasia Causes Language—Not Memory—Loss

The recent issue (January 13, 2021) of the journal Neurology contains research …

Aphasia in the News

Aphasia Can Happen to Anyone: From the Actor to the Activist

Aphasia pops up in the news again and again, usually the result …