I Have Aphasia

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Aphasia is challenging, isolating, and frustrating. Here you can find information to help you better understand aphasia, typical treatments, and assistive technology options. You are not alone: over one million people in the U.S. have aphasia.

News and Updates

Aphasia in the News

Christopher Durang’s Aphasia Announcement: an Explanation of PPA

One person’s aphasia announcement can open the door for another person to …

Gabby Giffords and Darlene Williamson

Watch This Aphasia Documentary: Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down

Run, don’t walk, to the theater for the new aphasia documentary, Gabby …

Aphasia Awareness Month 2022

Look Back on 2022’s Aphasia Awareness Month

Aphasia Awareness Month wrapped up yesterday. We started early to give you …

Why do you connect with the aphasia community?

Mystery Aphasia Chat + Aphasia Awareness Month Sneak Peek

June is Aphasia Awareness Month, and we are hard at work planning …

austin speech labs

Affiliate Highlight: Austin Speech Labs

We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye …

Aphasia Solutions

19 Aphasia Solutions

Our April chat was all about aphasia solutions. We asked people: “What …

May 4 Aphasia Cafe

Aphasia Cafe: What Are Your Hobbies?

Books. Gardening. Photography. Playing with the grandkids. Travel. Everyone has hobbies, and …

one family's bruce willis response

After an Aphasia Diagnosis: What Happens Next?

Yesterday’s aphasia announcement for Bruce Willis stirred many emotions in our board …

Bruce Willis Aphasia Diagnosis

Understanding Bruce Willis’s Aphasia Announcement

Bruce Willis’s news about his aphasia diagnosis stunned the world today and …

what does aphasia look like

What Does Aphasia Look Like?

Aphasia is sometimes classified as an “invisible” condition because a person cannot …