I Have Aphasia

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Aphasia is challenging, isolating, and frustrating. Here you can find information to help you better understand aphasia, typical treatments, and assistive technology options. You are not alone: over one million people in the U.S. have aphasia.

News and Updates

Gabby Giffords

Gabby Giffords Is Treating Aphasia With Music

Gabby Giffords is treating her aphasia with music—the French horn, specifically. She …

Aphasia in the News

The Pandemic and Primary Progressive Aphasia

The emails to the NAA started early in the pandemic. The person …


Peer-Befriending Study and the Impact on Aphasia

Aphasia is stressful, and that stress usually comes on suddenly due to …

may 19 aphasia cafe

Aphasia Cafe: Visual Aphasia

What does aphasia look like? While there can be physical signs after …

ppa chat series

Join Our Monthly PPA Chats

The NAA set up a task force to increase our resources and …

Barbara Martin

A Tribute to Barbara Martin

The Board of the National Aphasia Association (NAA) regrets learning the sad …

meet the new naa board members

Meet Our New Board Members

The NAA recently welcomed six new board members, a significant expansion to …

Caregiver vs Care Partner

Community Results: Caregiver or Care Partner

Several weeks ago, the NAA posed a question to the community: Which …

Cheryl, Danielle, Julia

Aphasia Threads: Cheryl, Danielle, and Julia

Welcome to the Aphasia Threads Project, which usually weaves together three points-of-view: …

april 7 aphasia cafe

Aphasia Cafe: Helpful Books

What is made out of paper yet strong enough to mentally transport …