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Whether you are a seasoned caregiver or new to aphasia, we provide a large collection of resources to both educate and support you on your journey as a caregiver and communication partner.

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best posts from 2020

Best of 2020 Booklet

The National Aphasia Association had an incredibly busy 2020. What have we …

marking time

How Do You Track Time?

During a recent Aphasia Cafe chat, we had a moment of perfect …


Connecting Over the Holidays (While Staying Safe)

The holidays look a little… okay, A LOT… different this year. The …

Giving Tuesday

Here’s What the NAA Accomplished in 2020

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday: Giving Tuesday. It’s a …

December 16 Aphasia Cafe

Aphasia Cafe: Creative Ways to Connect Over the Holidays

There are millions of articles out there giving tips on how to …

Starleen, Stephanie, Mary

Aphasia Threads: Starleen, Stephanie, and Mary

Welcome to the Aphasia Threads Project, which weaves together three points-of-view: people …

primary progressive aphasia

The ABCs of PPA: Understanding Primary Progressive Aphasia

While primary progressive aphasia (PPA) may be the rarest form of aphasia, …

aphasia champions

Our Community Is Filled with Aphasia Champions

You do amazing things. You set up mini golf fundraising events, write …

Brain Research

New Research for Alzheimer’s Disease Uses a Common Aphasia Test

A test commonly used to diagnose aphasia is helping researchers detect early …

November 18 Aphasia Cafe

Aphasia Cafe: Marking Time

Everyone has important dates they mark on their personal calendar and use …