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Whether you are a seasoned caregiver or new to aphasia, we provide a large collection of resources to both educate and support you on your journey as a caregiver and communication partner.

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Emergency Preparedness Tips

Tips for Emergency Preparedness and Aphasia

The situation with COVID-19 is changing quickly. When we set up our …

April 22 Aphasia Chat

Aphasia Cafe: Virtual Check-in

While we usually like to have a single topic for our chats, …

Lessons from People With Aphasia

What the World Can Learn Right Now From People With Aphasia

Three participants broached a profound topic during last week’s online Aphasia Cafe …

Restaurant Tips

Tips for Eating at Restaurants When You Have Aphasia

Restaurants can be tricky when you have aphasia. Whether you’re ordering at …

Before You Go on a Trip

1 Minute Aphasia Tips: Before You Go on a Trip

This is another tip in our series of one-minute videos aimed at …

Virtual Chat

How to Host a Virtual Support Group

This guide will walk you through the steps for hosting an online …


Preparing for COVID-19 When You Have Aphasia

It’s a scary time in our country, and we want to provide …

Debra, Amy, and Marina

Aphasia Threads: Debra, Amy, and Marina

Welcome to the Aphasia Threads Project, which usually weaves together three points-of-view: …

April 1 Aphasia Cafe

Aphasia Cafe: Dealing With the Unexpected

How do you prepare for unexpected emergencies? What should you have on-hand …

The Aphasia Caregiver Guide

The Aphasia Caregiver Guide Is on Amazon

We’ve gotten multiple requests to make The Aphasia Caregiver Guide available as …