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Whether you are a seasoned caregiver or new to aphasia, we provide a large collection of resources to both educate and support you on your journey as a caregiver and communication partner.

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cooking and therapy

Cooking and Speech Therapy

Every holiday celebration contains good food, so we love this idea of …


Everyone’s Aphasia is Unique

Everyone’s aphasia is unique because every human is unique. Damage from stroke …


Aphasia and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. It can be a relaxing holiday full of friends and family, …

Patricia Neal

Profiles of Aphasia: Patricia Neal

Patricia Neal was an Oscar-winning actress. She was a holder of one …

job interview

4 Ways to Get Through Job Interviews With Aphasia

Going to a job interview is stressful in the best of circumstances. …

Joe Biden

Beau Biden and Aphasia

Joe Biden is a champion for aphasia awareness. His new memoir, Promise …

visual coping techniques

Visual Coping Techniques

There are plenty of ways to release your feelings when you have …

Dwight D Eisenhower

Profiles of Aphasia: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower. 5-star general during World War II. 34th President of …

release emotion

Releasing Emotions

Emotions were high. Lauren Marks had a big decision to make. She …

Sharon Stone

Profiles of Aphasia: Sharon Stone

You probably remember her from Basic Instinct, captivating her questioners while answering …