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Getting on with the rest of your life after stroke and aphasia: a study of life participation post stroke

October 17, 2016 Following stroke, many people experience difficulty with social interaction, recreational activities, and even regular daily-life activities. This is often a result of limited physical mobility, mood changes such as experiencing depression, or, for some, dealing with a cognitive impairment. For persons with Aphasia, difficulty speaking or understanding others is a particular challenge. […]

National Aphasia Association Response to Statements by Trump Campaign Spokesperson

In response to a recent statement by Trump campaign spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, and the article which appeared in the Washington Post, the Board of Directors of the National Aphasia Association, the organization representing individuals with aphasia, would like to set the record straight.   Aphasia  (or dysphasia) is a condition affecting manipulation of language, including comprehension, […]

SLPs, aphasia centers, support groups – become an affiliate!

July 25, 2016 Our free online database of Affiliates, which includes aphasia centers, speech language pathologists, and support groups, has grown to several hundred members from all across the country. The number of people using the database has increased by nearly 60% compared to last year, with about 5000 unique visitors of the affiliates listings in the past 3 months. Some of the affiliate pages get […]

We asked: Does difficulty with speech imply intellectual disability? See how people responded

June 2016, Aphasia Awareness Month One key message that the National Aphasia Association and other aphasia advocates work hard to disseminate is that aphasia affects speech and language but not intellectual capabilities. Persons with aphasia, and even those with other language disabilities, are frequently perceived as having intellectual deficits because they have difficulties expressing themselves, finding the […]

Aphasia awareness through music and song

June, 2016 Aphasia Awareness Month  What better way to spread awareness about Aphasia and have some fun in the process than to write a song about it! This is what the Niagara Aphasia Program in Ontario, Canada, did. They created a music video and invited persons with Aphasia to star in it. Here is the project described in […]

Why we need more awareness about Aphasia

June, 2016, Aphasia Awareness Month What are the everyday struggles of persons with Aphasia and their caregivers? Many people don’t know. We have collected some of the emails we receive from patients and caregivers who have agreed to share their stories with all of us in the hope that this will help increase awareness about this challenging and […]

Your church, cinema, bookstore, or Facebook page – where will you go to raise awareness about Aphasia this June?

May, 2016 Aphasia Awareness Month of June is approaching, and it is time to plan activities that can help people in your community learn about this condition. Here we started a list with some ideas to help you plan your aphasia awareness event. What are your ideas? Share them with the NAA at and we will share with […]

Primary progressive aphasia is not Alzheimer’s

April 4, 2016 Many people find it confusing to distinguish between Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) and Alzheimer’s, and there are good reasons for that. First, both are neurodegenerative conditions resulting from deterioration of brain tissue rather than an injury to the brain caused by stroke or head trauma. Second, the diagnosis of both conditions involves assessing language skills, deficits in […]

My beautiful broken brain

Image Credit: March 22, 2016 My Beautiful Broken Brain is an intensely personal story of a 34 year old woman, Lotje Sodderland, who documented through film her 1-year journey of recovery from hemorrhagic stroke, which resulted in Aphasia. One night, Lotje goes out to watch fireworks in London, her hometown, and at the end of the evening she […]

A type of Primary Progressive Aphasia is caused by dementia plaques that affect left side of the brain

March 10, 2016 Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) is a rare neurological syndrome in which language capabilities become slowly and progressively impaired, while other mental functions remain relatively preserved. Unlike other forms of aphasia resulting from stroke or traumatic brain injury, PPA is a degenerative brain condition. It results from deterioration of brain tissue affecting areas of the brain […]