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Aphasia Friendly Businesses

The Aphasia-Friendly Business Campaign was launched in 2011 by a Baltimore-based organization, the Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement (SCALE), to raise awareness of aphasia in Baltimore among local businesses. In 2012, the NAA formed a partnership with SCALE in order to reach businesses nationwide. This specialized training allows businesses to build relationships with their customers, encourages businesses to provide barrier-free access to products, and services people with communication disabilities.

After a few short months, the NAA has trained over a dozen local businesses in the Greater New York area, and has scheduled upcoming trainings across the country. Please contact us if you are a business owner and are interested in becoming Aphasia-Friendly!

Click HERE   for an interactive map of current Aphasia-Friendly Businesses in your area!  

How will your business benefit by participating in the 2012 Aphasia-Friendly Business Campaign?

  • Receive local and national attention for joining our efforts
  • Receive recognition as an “Aphasia-Friendly Business” in the community, including being listed on the NAA website
  • Expand access to services at your business for people with disabilities
  • Be awarded an “Aphasia-Friendly Business” decal to display

How can your business become an “Aphasia-Friendly Business”?

1. Allow the NAA to survey your business

For example:

  • Accessibility of restrooms
  • Accessibility of reading materials (such as signs, menus, or instructions)
  • Employee knowledge of aphasia and ways to facilitate communication

2. Choose a Representative(s) from your business to take the Aphasia Quiz and participate in a one-hour on-site training about aphasia. Receive information about communication strategies that will universally improve consumer relations.

3. Review Recommendation regarding how to make your business more accessible to people with aphasia (implementation of recommended changes is optional).

4. Celebrate the month of June as Aphasia Awareness Month.

Example of a Project Timeline

                Step 1 – Complete the site evaluation & administer the “Aphasia Quiz” to representative

                Step 2 – Review recommendations with the business owner

                Step 3 – Complete the aphasia awareness training module

                Step 4 – Complete post-training survey with business employees

                Step 5 – Implement any desired changes to the business

                Step 6 – Obtain recognition as an “Aphasia-Friendly Business”



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