Congress Proclaims June National Aphasia Awareness Month!
Washington, DC-
On Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 Senate Resolution 566 and House Resolution 1188 were unanimously passed by the House and Senate to proclaim June 2008 National Aphasia Awareness Month. The National Aphasia Association is indebted to Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota and Congressman Edward J Markey of Massachusetts, along with their legislative staff, for their sponsorship and efforts to bring this resolution to fruition once again.
These Congressional Resolutions are now part of the Congressional Record and can be used as advocacy tools to increase aphasia awareness throughout the year.  Text (PDF) of the resolutions can by found by clicking on the following links. Senate Resolution 566 and House Resolution 1188
The NAA encourages everyone to write a letter to the sponsors of the resolution to thank them for recognizing the importance of increased public awareness and devoting their time to this important issue. 
Special thanks to NAA Board member, Dr. Paul Rao, for spearheading these efforts! 
About The National Aphasia Association
The NAA's mission is to educate the public to know that the word aphasia describes an impairment of the ability to communicate, not an impairment of intellect. The NAA makes people with aphasia, their families, support systems, and health care professionals aware of resources to recover lost skills to the extent possible, to compensate for skills that will not be recovered and to minimize the psychosocial impact of the language impairment. The NAA respects and values cultural and linguistic differences and makes every effort possible to acknowledge the impact of culture and language on the performance of each individual with aphasia. The NAA provides supportive and advocacy services to all persons with aphasia regardless of individuals' race-ethnicity, religious affiliation, cultural and cognitive linguistic background or sexual orientation.
The National Aphasia Association
Ellayne Ganzfried, Executive Director
Amy Coble , Information Coordinator
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