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Aphasia Awareness Month Challenge

Help raise awareness about aphasia and you could win! 

June is Aphasia Awareness Month. Enter the weekly NAA challenge contest by spreading aphasia awareness via social media.

Include #AphasiaAwarenessMonth with each post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and you'll be entered in a lottery to win that week's prize. The more posts, the better your chances of winning. Be creative!

All winners will be notified via social media on Friday after noon.

Click here to learn how to earn EXTRA ENTRIES!


This week's (Week 5: June 21 - June 30) challenge: Who is your APHASIA HERO?

We want to end the challenge on a high note, so this week is all about your Aphasia Hero!  It can be a friend or family member with aphasia, a friend or family member that has helped you with your aphasia, your SLP, or even yourself.  The possibilities are endless!  We just want to know about that one special person that has been your hero through the aphasia journey - whether you are a person with aphasia or not.  Please shares your hero's name, and if you have room, tell us why they are your aphasia hero.  We would love to see their pictures as well (as long as it is ok with them of course!

This week's prize: 


How to Earn Extra Entries:

1) Share the Donation Page Link on your Social Media and include #AphasiaAwarenessMonth
2) Get a proclamation passed in your city/state and share on our Facebook page!
3) Sign up for our E-Newsletter and put #AphasiaAwarenessMonth in your address information.
4) Share the Aphasia Awareness Month Page ( with #AphasiaAwarenessMonth
5) Share your favorite NAA page with #AphasiaAwarenessMonth



Rules & Regulations: No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win this contest. By entering this promotion, entrants accept and agree to be bound by these Official Rules.  The more you post, the more entries you will receive.  Participants will be able to obtain more entries with “bonus” challenges.  One winner will be selected on the last day of each week after 12:00PM EST.  The winner will be notified and announced via the NAA’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).  The next week’s challenges and prize(s) will be announced at that time.  Challenges will begin at 12:00am EST on the first day of the week (Saturday) and end at 12:00pm EST at the end of the week (Friday for all weeks except Week 6, which will end on Monday, June 30th at 12:00pm EST).  All entries must include #AphasiaAwarenessMonth.  Participants may also link to the NAA’s respective social media accounts (i.e. Twitter handle, Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Instagram account). All entries become the property of the National Aphasia Association.