After Words is proud to collaborate with the National Aphasia Association in helping to make difference in the lives of those touched by aphasia. Through awareness, advocacy, media and education, we can reduce the mystery associated with aphasia and enhance the quality of life.

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About Us

Jerome Kaplan, Speech-Language Pathologist, Co-Founder &
Director of Community Outreach





Vincent Straggas, Filmmaker, Co-Founder & Executive Director







Ellayne Ganzfried, M.S., CCC-SLP, NAA Executive Director

What is After Words?
After W
ords, an award-winning documentary co-created by Jerome Kaplan, a highly respected speech-language pathologist, and Vincent Straggas, an award-winning filmmaker and director, premiered in 2003 and has been shown around the world. After Words illuminates the struggle faces by persons touched by aphasia, as well as the challenges faced by family, friends, and health care providers. A powerful portrait of the human spirit emerges.

Our Mission
The mission of After Words is to utilize film to raise aphasia awareness in order to give a face and voice to those touched by the condition and to increase the understanding that aphasia is a disorder of language, not intelligence or personality. There is considerable fear and stigma associated with the inability to communicate, both in the individual's own family, as well as within the larger community. After Words, through portraits of individuals living successfully with aphasia, will illustrate ways to enhance communication. Through a better understanding of the communication process and a variety of medical, therapeutic, holistic, and artistic approaches, remarkable progress can be achieved. As fear diminishes, understanding emerges and opportunities for better care, greater recovery, and a return to fuller and more meaningful lives can be achieved.

Project Activities

1. Release of the new film "After Words" containing new footage, commentary, and portraits of persons living successfully with aphasia.

2. Airing of "After Words" on public television.

3. Local screenings of "After Words" at academic, medical, senior, and community centers, as well as film festivals, panel discussions facilitated by speech-language pathologists, persons with aphasia, and family members.

4. Short videos featuring persons living successfully with aphasia and emphasizing the life participation approach to aphasia. These videos will be accessible via Youtube and the NAA website.

How to Become Involved
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For More Information
Contact Jerome Kaplan at or (617) 625-8575
Contact the NAA at or (800) 922-4622


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