Aphasia is a communication disorder affecting over

1,000,000 Americans

In 2020, yearly number of aphasia cases will

double to 180,000

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Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that impairs a person's ability to process language, but does not affect intelligence. Aphasia impairs the ability to speak and understand others.

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Search our comprehensive aphasia-focused directory for support groups, aphasia centers and programs, as well as speech language professionals near you.

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The National Aphasia Association has been providing information and support to people with aphasia and their caregivers for over twenty-five years. And we couldn't do it without the generous support of our donors. Please consider making a donation today!

aphasia stories

  • Caregivers_sized
  • Celebrating caregivers

  • +-*This September, the National Aphasia Association will shift the focus of its news and updates slightly away from persons with aphasia and shine a light on the people who support, help, and encourage those struggling with Aphasia – the caregivers! We will feature stories and posts about caregivers to celebrate their dedication and the difference they make in the […]

  • OliverSacks-new
  • The Legacy of Oliver Sacks

  • +-*The aphasia world has lost one of its foremost and longest advocates.  Dr. Oliver Sacks died Sunday, August 30, 2015.   He was a longstanding member of the Board of Directors of the National Aphasia Association. We are grateful to Dr. Sacks for his efforts to better understand the neurological changes faced by many survivors; how […]

  • WhistledTurkish
  • Whistled Turkish tickles both sides of the brain – Science Magazine

  • +-*In a mountainous region in Turkey, the local population communicates through whistling, instead of using words. Science Magazine writes: One of a handful of whistled languages throughout the world, whistled Turkish is still Turkish—it has the same words and the same grammatical structure—but it has a different physical form. A whistle replaces the voice, just […]